Tuesday, September 7, 2010

what is the geometry of NO3-

Apologies, all, for not doing my civil duty and updating y'all on the frivolousness of my life. First thing's first. School. It started! About a month ago, actually. I know, I know, I should've been updating quite a bit since then, SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED! Not really. My knee hurts when I run, so I don't run. Food keeps getting more and more succulent, so I keep eating more and more of it. School involves so much reading I almost can't ingest enough coffee to keep up with it.
Speaking of coffee, I brought some back with me after going home for Labor Day! It's Hawaiian, for those of you anxious to know, vanilla macadamia nut, for those of you bursting at the seams to get even an inkling of detail of my life. I wasn't that interested, but the coffee on the other hand...I've finally accepted drinking it plain and black. I don't know if this is a good or a bad thing, but I'm pretty sure this is headed in a southern direction.
I also brought back two additional aprons to spice up the domain I call the Kitchen. One of them has a typical 50's family and denotes "Let's have a Barbeque!" Because you know that you're just bursting to have a barbeque with only one other couple where the women gossip and you slave under the fire and flames of a brick grill to perfect that perfect piece of meat that nobody will appreciate. Why on earth aren't your talents APPRECIATED?! I couldn't tell you, maybe you should see a psychiatrist. The other apron was my father's, and it is a McDonald's apron from when he worked there. Hopefully my strategic placement will encourage all who glimpse upon its harrowing crimson color can appreciate the fact that they are in college for a reason besides downing as much suds as a dishwasher while simultaneously concocting street pizza every step of the way. If that didn't make sense to you, don't worry. It made even less sense to me.
The ladies at our sister hall are extremely beautiful. There, I said it. They brought in approximately 25 new recruits this year and it did nothing but embellish the bouquet of beauty that was bursting forth from that direction. Overzealous? Ask General Patton. I don't think he'd say it is, he won a war for crying out loud.
I got a whole bunch of music the other day, it's pretty good stuff. Amazon has a lot of great free music for all of you "hipsters" who think paying for music isn't "cool". I also participated in a dance party the other day. Let's just say that my Gingerfriend can dance.
I've also enjoyed cooking with some of the lovely ladies of Sellards of late. Never a dull moment over there, that's for sure. I made some peanut butter and jelly mini-pies today, they turned out heavenly. You'll have to try one! What is your favorite dessert? Tell me! I hope everything is going well in all of your lives, and I'll promise to post more often now that I'm finally settled in!
I leave you all with this picture of bliss.


Kevin Meyer said...

Thank God you're back to writing...

Laurie said...

I Miss You Copper.