Sunday, April 8, 2007

One Blog to Rule them All

Well as school is becoming ever monotonous and the end is in sight, things begin to come crashing down. I'm a guy that loves tech, so you'll probably hear about a lot of tech stuff here on this blog. In other news, Guitar Hero 2 came out for the 360 (in a straight kind of way) and I still can't get it! Unfortunately parental units are the pit of disasters sometime. I recently played the PS2 version and was very impressed. Oh and the rumors about looking silly while playing? Completely True. I probably shattered any record that anyone had of looking ridiculous while playing. It's a fun and intuitive game, and i can't wait to purchase it. On another side note our Video Game Documentary isn't coming along too well as the deadline approaches. For those of you not in the know me and a team of 3 other highly skilled individuals are making a documentary over video games for our information technology class in school. Breakman X has mentioned it on his site: . We interviewed him and it should be exciting if we can pull our heads out from our virtual butts! I'm hoping to get a lot done on the documentary this week while the rest of my group sits down and does nothing as usual. Welp, see ya later!