Thursday, September 23, 2010

That circle is a square.

First thing's first:
Good!  Now that that's out of the way, we can begin.  Begin what, you might ask?  Begin to be, of course.
I attended the Autumnal Equinox Starlight Walking Tour of Mount Oread at a pesky hour of 5 a.m. on Wednesday morn.  Quite intriguing I must say.  Every building has a purpose for the way it is built, surprisingly.  Also, some of the buildings line up to point to the north star.  Cool stuff!  Unfortunately, I only made it till 6:30 before my body realized that 3 hours of sleep was most definitely not enough to suffice.  The struggle lasted another few minutes, but in the end, sleep won.  Darn the eternal Z's of slumber.  One extremely interesting quote that the Professor Emeritus Ted Johnson had, however, was this: "If we are busy, we cannot learn. We come to the University to learn, and this cannot be done if we are busy."  That was most likely the sole reason I stuck around for as long as I did, waging apocalypses against the steady onslaught of sleep-deprived symptoms.
Sophomore year has been extremely busy. That's why I believe I haven't learned much, except how to attempt to combat business. It's a difficult task, for sure, but no more difficult than wrestling that psycho-chick girlfriend away from your best female friend of 11 years (not a personal example, just sayin').
Another good question for y'all: What gets done between the hours of 6 and 9?  Absolutely nothing.  That's what, and I can never seem to figure out why. Time in the Collegiate world hath designated that these hours be used for nothing more than non-productive tasks, such as buying starch in fruitless hopes that I will one day learn how to iron a shirt. Probably not happening, but at least I have starch.
I hope everyone has been tending to their personal matters well, for if not, I fear the worst is yet to come.

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