Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Behind Blue Eyes

I started reading Huck Finn for English class this week, talk about a gas and a hoot and a holler. I've been looking at making apple cider donuts, I got the idea from a friend. They sound delicious, however they take the dedication of Confucius to make. Seriously, why take 3 hours or so to make a Donut when Kwik-E-Mart is right down the street? Oh wait, that takes a car drive to get there, I guess obesity will just have to wait and I'll just settle for an apple itself. Drat.
I wonder when recipes were created. Did people all of the sudden decide, with the apple for instance, "You know, this is good and all, but I'd rather put a bajillion hours of time into making it something else, which may or may not taste better, while at the same time fighting off the Sabre-tooth tigers that look longingly into my decrepit cave." I have this thought almost every time I open my AppleMac.
I spent an exhausting amount of time in the study room over the course of the past week learning about Genetics. It paid off with a 90% on the test! Talk about a miracle (a.k.a. talk about corn nuggets!). What has everyone been up to? Have you noticed "Fall" outside? I wonder when it's actually determined. I think it goes something like this: Officials around this part of the world are on adrenaline-filled 24 hour watch, scrambling to catch a sighting of the first actual leaf that "falls" to the ground. This job, along with other prestigious ones of this sort of ridiculousness, is commonly disparaged as useless. That is why I like to raise awareness on these methods of employment. Crucial stuff here, crucial.
Kirk, the Chinese Exchange Student on my floor, has been dazzling me with his use of the English language recently. He's finally got a full grasp I would say, I think it took about 6 years or so. Gosh that's an awful long time. Last night at dinner, one of the residents was asking around to see if anyone was allergic to dogs. He asked Kirk, and Kirk replied with, "Dogs? Delicious!" and a grin to match that of the Joker's. Talk about a funny guy! This kid has been running on about 2 hours of sleep tops over the past 3 days, and he's still got the audacity to whip out that sort of hilariousness that you just can't make up. I love Kirk. He went to Yellowstone over fall break to see nature, and stole a rock. He got a speeding ticket coming out of Yellowstone, and was informed (as was I) that it is illegal to take rocks out of Yellowstone. You can't take anything out of there. Ridiculous, right?! This prompted my subsequent question, "Well can you take your trash out of there, or should you just leave it too?" Ridiculous, I know, but necessary nonetheless. Take care!

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Duuuuuuurty said...

Tell Kirk to cook some dog for the hall sometime.